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Module description - Debating (Elective)

ECTS 2.0
Level C1 / C2
Overview In all walks of life, be they professional, academic or private, students will find that they often need to explain and/or defend their point of view in a particular case. It is therefore helpful for them to be able to construct good arguments in English, for example during meetings and discussions.

By developing debating skills, students will also learn how to remain confident and in control, even during difficult discussions. This is an important skill, especially for business life, representing an advanced form of language learning and a central goal of communication.
Learning objectives Upon successful completion of the module, participants can:

  • use a broad vocabulary range to debate fluently and appropriately
  • disagree with others without causing offence
  • follow extended discussions, even when they are not clearly structured
  • present their point of view persuasively, integrate sub-themes, develop points of interest and round off with a suitable conclusion.
  • structure and present an argument clearly and logically and describe theoretical conditions
  • refer to authoritative sources where they make statements of fact.
  • develop vocabulary and grammar resources that support the above goals
Previous knowledge Entry based on placement test or successful completion of e4/ten2. Language level C1 or above.
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
Additional information International Debating Website
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