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Module description - Project 4 Electrical and Information Technology
(Projekt 4 Elektro- und Informationstechnik)

Module head Pascal Buchschacher, +41 56 202 74 02, cGFzY2FsLmJ1Y2hzY2hhY2hlckBmaG53LmNo
ECTS 6.0
Level intermediate
Overview This module offers students the possibility to further develop skills learned in earlier projects and in classroom work in order to put them to practical use.
The students are divided into small teams and are advised by technical and methods coaches. During the semester a functional electronic device or a networked system is planned, developed, produced and finally put into operation.
Special weight is placed on project management and on enhancing a student's ability to work within a team.

  • Teams of 6-7 students
  • Interdisciplinary project assignment
  • Applied project management
  • Problem analysis and preparation of a technical specification sheet
  • Development of an electronic device including hardware- and software design
  • Creating the technical documentation
  • Presentations in English
  • Several inputs: technological, methodological and English

Working independently, students can learn about and use more complex technical and physical principles. In addition, based on the client’s mandate project assignment, they can prepare a technical specification sheet and suggest appropriate solutions.
They are able to systematically develop an electronic device / system, first by developing and producing a prototype which can then be tested.
Learning Objectives
  • Students organize everything necessary to develop and complete the project, using their gained technical knowledge. They consider all possible solutions before selecting the best one to put into practice. They recognize and reflect on their personal strengths and weaknesses regarding their social- and self-competence.
  • Students can discuss their work in English. They can convincingly present their work and formally document their product in a correct and logical manner.

Previous knowledge
  • Projekt 3 Elektro- und Informationstechnik (pro3E)
  • Analogtechnik (ant), simultaneous attendance
  • Mikrocontroller 1 (mc1)
  • Objektorientierte Programmierung 2 (oop2)

Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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