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Modulbeschreibung - Swiss Culture and Society (with excursions)

Leitung Caspar Battegay, Y2FzcGFyLmJhdHRlZ2F5QGZobncuY2g=
ECTS 3.0
Level basic
Overview The exchange students get to know the basic political, social and cultural characteristics of Switzerland. For this purpose, in addition to classroom lessons, there will be excursions, including visits to key industrial partners such as ABB, research institutes such as PSI and selected cultural institutions. Current topics will also be discussed.

  • The Swiss political system (the federal state, the cantons, the municipalities, direct democracy)
  • The education system, particularly the dual education system
  • Switzerland's neutrality and its open and secular civil society; human rights; environmentalism; the economy; cooperatives; NGOs etc.
  • The different cultures in Switzerland (minorities, different languages, Switzerland and Europe).
  • Current topics (migration, Swiss citizens in foreign countries)
  • Cultural traditions of the different parts of the country
Learning objectives The students

  • know and understand the Swiss political system and its history
  • understand the Swiss education system
  • know major aspects of Swiss public life
  • know that there are different regions of the country, minorities and languages in Switzerland
  • participate in the different political and cultural debates
  • know the diverse customs and traditions of the country
Exam format Certificate of completion
Additional information Gianni Haver, Swissness in a nutshell. Basel: Bergli Books 2014.
See also: Swiss History in a nutshell, Swiss democracy in a nutshell or Hoi – your new Swiss German survival guide. R. James Breiding: Swiss Made: The Untold Story behind Switzerland's Success, 2013.
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