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Module description - German language for exchange students

ECTS 2.0
Level basic
Overview The course contents include basics of German grammar and language as well as German communication culture.

  • the basics of German phonetics,
  • numbers,
  • greetings,
  • describing oneself, one's family, and leisure activities,
  • basic phrases related to shopping, work and education,
  • basics of German grammar: articles, adjectives, conjugation of verbs.
Learning objectives Listening and reading:

  • students understand everyday basic sentences.


  • students are able to express basic needs of everyday life and can talk about themselves, their family, and leisure activities.
  • students are able to pronounce principal German words.


  • students are familiar with the German parts of speech.

The course is taught by students of the School of Engineering FHNW and thus offers possibilities to get in touch with Swiss students and their culture. A senior lecturer of the school will supervise the course and the examination, will conduct the oral examination at the end of the semester, and will oversee the progress of learning activities.
Exam format Certificate of completion
Additional information The course takes place twice a week, 45 minutes each session.
Attendance is mandatory.
Course book is handed out at a kickoff meeting.
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