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Module description - Digital Storytelling for Engineers (Technical Elective)

ECTS 2.0
Level C1 / C2
Overview Digital storytelling combines the art of storytelling, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, with multimedia features such as images, text, audio, voiceover and video.
The module invites students to explore written and oral storytelling and develop linguistic and critical thinking skills and media awareness.
The module enables students to express themselves powerfully and creatively in English through digital media.
Learning objectives Upon successful completion of the module, participants can:

  • identify and develop the central conflict, structure and transformation elements of their story in a technical context
  • use the fundamentals such as story mapping and storyboarding to powerfully and concisely visualize story content
  • use the skills developed throughout the module, including script writing, sound recording, digital editing and combining images and short media with sound tracks to produce a short film in a technical context
Previous knowledge Entry based on placement test or successful completion of e4/ten2. Language level C1 or above.
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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