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Modulbeschreibung - Read critically, think critically (Technical Elective)

ECTS 2.0
Level C1
  • Students are to understand scientific studies, reviews from their own and other fields of engineering.
  • Students improve their language skills through reading, by building up their academic and (inter-)disciplinary lexicon.
  • Students enlarge their knowledge of academic and scientific conventions regarding English for academic purposes.
  • Students can use a variety of reading techniques to improve their
    reading speed, their understanding of specialized texts and to become more effective readers.
  • Students can discern different viewpoints and ideas in written texts and identify the argumentative structure of scientific studies.
  • Learning objectives The module Read critically,Think Critically gives students the opportunity to not only learn about how to approach reading scientific texts, but also to delve deeper into subject matters of their own and related disciplines in English, such as self-driving cars or renewable energies. Thereby, students will develop note-taking skills, enlarge their technical and academic vocabulary as well as be able to recognise argumentative structures in scientific studies. Finally, students will improve their written and spoken language by reading extensively, discussing cutting-edge findings and will be able to assess critically what academic discourses circulate in and across their disciplines.
    Previous knowledge Successful completion of module ten2 or a suitable level achieved in the incoming placement test (CEFR C1).
    Exam format Continuous assessment grade, weighting 100 %
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