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Module description - Project 5 Computer Science
(Projekt 5 Informatik)

ECTS 6.0
Level advanced
Overview The Project 5 serves to prepare for the bachelor thesis. The assignment is an IT industry-based problem or question. The project is done either independently or together with someone else as a team.
In general the assignment encompasses:

  • the exact description of the project;
  • an analysis of the problem based on stakeholder demands (sponsor, end-user, etc. );
  • the implementation of a solution;
  • a contemplation of the outcomes;
  • a project report which is directed to IT professionals and includes at least the project brief, the methodologies, the results and an analysis of the results;
  • the presentation which is directed to professionals. It includes the essentials of the problem and its solutions as well as a demonstration of the results.

The project advisor can extend the project brief with further focus points.
Learning Objectives Students

  • are able to independently analyze and professionally work on an open computer science problem and correctly integrate the achieved results based on the problem;
  • are able to professionally and correctly depict all essential aspects of the project in the project report;
  • can formulate the project report in such a way that it is objective, professional and the results are comprehensible;
  • can confidently and competently present to a professional audience the technical relationships, the methodologies as well as the reflected results of their project work ;
  • apply project management and documentation techniques appropriately. Those were learned in the Projects 1 – 4;
  • push their project autonomously by actively communicating with all relevant stakeholders and experts.

Previous knowledge
  • Computer Science Project 4 (pro4I)
  • English level B2 (e.g. passed module ten1)

Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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