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Modulbeschreibung - Englisch II

Leitung Andrew Brown (Modulverantwortlicher)
Valerie Faminoff (Unterrichtende)
ECTS 3.0
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Lernziele/Kompetenzen Subject-related skills: understand and produce intermediate spoken and written English of a general nature and specific to their field of study. Develop the ability to read and process written scientific texts and use the information contained therein as the basis for discussion and written assignments. Methodological skills: acquire appropriate study tools and techniques, access internal and external resources, analyse and solve problems and evaluate results. Social skills: work alone and with others in various capacities and provide, accept and deal with criticism. Personal skills: assess and build on their own work and that of others and understand its significance in the wider context; accept responsibility.
Lerninhalte Passive and active consolidation and expansion of intermediate grammar and vocabulary in written and spoken contexts (level B2)
Erforderliche Vorkenntnisse B-LST-A 02 050
Modultyp Wahlpflichtmodul gemäss Einstufung
Leistungsbewertung gemäss Modulverzeichnis der aktuellen StuPro
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