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Module description - E-Solutions

ECTS 3.0
Level intermediate
Overview The current digital revolution is rapid and profound. Based on convincing e-solutions and new business concepts, companies like Google, Facebook, AirBnB, Amazon, Uber and many more have changed the face of the global economy. Meanwhile, countless startups all over the world are contradicting traditional business models. These developments offer a wide range of areas to be explored and discussed – Welcome to E-Solutions:

  • Foundations of internet economy
  • Digital transformation of business
  • Sharing economy
  • E-marketplaces
  • E-Learning / MOOCs
  • Business model canvas
  • E-marketing
  • Social media
  • Current topics

Learning objectives Students

  • know the underlying concept of the „new digital world“ with common terms and theories;
  • know the leading players and understand their business models. They are able to describe different digital business models using the business model canvas methodology;
  • are able to explain how digital transformation is reshaping selected industries;
  • discuss and analyse theoretical approaches with practical examples;
  • know and understand suitable measures, „best practices“ and trends from the area of digital (e-)solutions which companies could implement for effective use.
  • apply their acquired knowledge to practically oriented case studies.

Previous knowledge Betriebswirtschaftslehre (bwlC) or similar (basic) business administration knowledge
Web engineering (webeC) or similar (basic) knowledge
English level B2 (e.g. passed module ten1)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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