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Module description - Project 4 Computer Science
(Projekt 4 Informatik)

ECTS 6.0
Level basic
Overview The projects in Computer Science provide the opportunity to get hands-on project experience with a practical orientation. Topics come from industry and applied research and are always based on current problems. Students have the ability to plan and implement a software development or IT project within a team. They do so by involving stakeholders. They can justify and challenge their decisions and are able to draft best practices. The students apply their knowledge from technical courses and become experienced in project implementation.
Learning objectives

  • Students know the stakeholders of a Software Engineering (SE) process and their needs.
  • Students can analyse a given problem, identify risks and come up with a proposal for solution.
  • Students adhere to a defined software development process and align their activities accordingly.
  • Students create a supporting and conflict-free work climate.
  • Students value the strengths of other team members and have confidence in their skills.
  • Students are capable of planning and verifying a project using professional software tools.
  • At any time students can provide information about the state of their projects: .quality of deliverables, schedule, use of ressources.
  • Students are able to define their own role against others and take responsibility for their tasks.
  • Students apply their knowledge from technical courses in the project.>
  • Students are able to identify where they lack knowledge. They are able to organize the necessary knowledge acquisition.
  • Students support each other in the acquisition of knowledge. I.e. they learn from each other and are willing to share their expertise with others.
  • Students are able to challenge their project artefacts (code, documents, minutes). They continuously verify and rate those artefacts.
  • Students understand each other’s work results and comprehend the approaches chosen by their team mates.
  • Students are able to detect faults systematically and provide a potential solution.
  • Students know the rules for effective feedback. They can provide and accept feedback.
  • Students support their customers in achieving their goals.
  • Students plan and perform acceptance tests with their customers.
  • Students are able to present their products in front of experts or at an exhibition.

Previous knowledge Computer science project 2 (pro2I) or basic experience from a software or IT project.
English level B2 (e.g. passed module ten1)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
Additional information The project spans two semesters and is started in Computer Science Project 3. Project group size: 6 – 8 students.
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