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Module description - Introduction to Perl for Programmers

Module head Christoph Denzler, +41 56 202 78 05, Y2hyaXN0b3BoLmRlbnpsZXJAZmhudy5jaA==
ECTS 3.0
Level intermediate
Overview In this course, you learn about the programming language Perl from the perspective of a language designer. You learn how a programming language is organized and why it functions the way it does. As a result, you discover new programming concepts and also recognize familiar ones in a new context. You raise the level of your general programming skills and consolidate your knowledge of the programming languages that you use every day.
Learning objectives The students

  • are able to program Perl
  • understand the conceptual design of a programming language from the point of view of a programming language designer
  • learn to transfer language concepts to programming languages other than Perl
  • gain a deeper knowledge of programming concepts to improve their general programming skills
  • are able to effectively use regular expressions in their own programs

Previous knowledge
  • Object Oriented Programming 2 (oopI2)
  • English Level B2 (e.g. passed module ten1)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
Additional information Perl Homepage
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