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Module description - Statistics Fundamentals
(Statistik Grundlagen)

ECTS 3.0
Level Basic
Overview The module Statistics Fundamentals introduces concepts that shall enable the students to describe and analyse data sets that are generated for instance during measurement procedures. The most relevant parameters are introduced and applied.
“Probability calculus“ deals with the concept of probability as well as with the most relevant probability distribution functions which serve as an instrument for inferential statistics. Various estimator functions help to test assumptions about a population based on sample data.

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Elementary probability calculus
  • Conditional probability
  • Discrete and continuous distribution functions
  • Parameter estimation
  • Hypotheses testing
  • Regression und correlation analysis

Learning objectives

  • The students are capable of analysing and visualising data sets by means of
    relevant statistical parameters.
  • The students are familiar with the axiomatic structure of probability calculus
    and compute probabilities of statistical events applying counting
    techniques and relative frequencies.
  • The students are familiar with the concept of random variables and apply this knowledge to modelling. They know the definition of the terms
    “expected value” and “variance” as well as how to calculate and interpret practical examples and corresponding values. The students are familiar with the most relevant distributions functions and their application to specific problems.
  • The students are capable of deriving conclusions about a population on the
    basis of statistical samples. They know how to calculate parameter estimations
    and confidence intervals as well as how to judge particular significance levels.
  • The students formulate hypotheses about populations and know
    how they can be assessed based on statistical sample data. The students
    know and apply the most relevant statistical testing procedures.
  • The students investigate and describe the interdependence
    among two variables using correlation and regression analysis.
  • The students implement the statistical methods with a
    pertinent tool (e.g., Excel).
Exam format Final written exam, weighting 100 %
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