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Module description - Presenting

ECTS 3.0
Level Basic
Content A good presenter convinces its audience on different levels. You have to appear credible, be competent on your subject and understandable by your audience. A good presentation connects all these three aspects. To achieve this, a presentation has to be well structured, attractively illustrated and presented according to the target group.

A good structure leads from a general perspective to the details, has a clear arc of suspense and guides the audience easily through the subject.

Attractive visualisations reduce complexity, focus on the important parts and support the audience in understanding the general subject.

The presentation itself is most effective, if the level is well adapted for the audience, the presenter leads through the presenation in a clear, calm and targeted way.
Learning outcomes Structuring
The presentation shows a central theme, a consequent structuring concept, leads from general aspects to details and answers the raised questions in a clear and direct way.

Clear, simple, clean visualizations focus on the important parts, facilitate the comprehension of the audience and increase the efficiency of the absorbance of informations.

Clear, target group oriented language, authentic self-confident body language und well suited appliances facilitate a direct access to the subject and increase the understanding of the audience.
Evaluation Mark
Modultype Portfolio Module
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