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Module description - Software Construction

ECTS 3.0
Specification Be able to efficiently create easy to understand, tested, simple software.
Level Intermediate
Content The term software construction refers to the detailed creation of software by means of programming, detailed design, verification, testing, with continuous integration and debugging. The configuration of a suitable development infrastructure is elementary for efficient software development, which at the same time ensures a high quality of the software. This module gives a practical introduction to the methods, concepts and tools for efficient software construction and the setup of the necessary infrastructures.
Learning outcomes Software version control
Students know the concepts of configuration management and can use them for their software project setup. They know the importance of software version control for efficient software development in a team. They can use the concepts such as commit, push, pull, merge in distributed version control systems for efficient teamwork and perform distributed code reviews.

Automation and continuous integration
Students are aware of the importance of automating the build process and continuous integration for quality assurance and efficient software development. They know the basic methods, techniques and tools for automated builds and continuous integration and can plan and use these for their project.

Software testing
Students can plan software tests to ensure software quality and test their software using unit tests. They can determine suitable test data using boundary value analysis. They know what testable software means and can write such software.

Quality control and refactoring
Students know the concepts of code analysis, clean code, metrics, and code coverage for continuous quality control. They can plan and apply the appropriate tools to ensure code quality for their projects. They can apply simple code refactoring for continuous improvement of the software.
Evaluation Mark
Built on the following competences Foundation in Programming
Modultype Portfolio Module
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