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Module description - Data Collection IoT
(IoT Datenbeschaffung)

ECTS 2.0
Level Intermediate
Content Data is the central working tool of Data Science, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the fusion of the Internet and the physical world. Therefore, students should take a creative approach to collecting data in the real world and learn how it can be acquired, transported, integrated into existing Data Science tools for further evaluation. The project teams will acquire this knowledge independently in four steps:

    1. The starting point is an open question that can be addressed by collecting sensor readings. The question can be given or developed by the students themselves. The question must give free space in order to be able to live out creativity.

    2. Using creativity techniques, students should develop a solution/concept.

    3. The solution is implemented as a prototype. Rapid prototyping can be used to build an internet-connected sensor device that generates data streams, e.g. a heart rate sensor, a feedback button or a bicycle speedometer.

    4. In the final step, the data is analysed and new insights are generated in relation to the research question.
Learning outcomes Digital fabrication: Students are familiar with processes such as 3D printing and design approaches for rapid prototyping and can use these creatively for their solution.

Sensor-based data acquisition: Students understand microcontroller programming and can use sensors to measure physical properties of the real world and convert them into data.

Internet-based data transmission: Students know relevant transport protocols and data formats for data transmission to a central backend server and can use at least one protocol correctly.

Processing real-time data streams: Students know ways to integrate data streams from a backend server into data science tools.
Evaluation Mark
Built on the following competences Foundation in Information Technology, Foundation in Programming, Software Construction
Modultype Portfolio Module
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