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Module description - Personal Knowledge Management
(Persönliches Wissensmanagement)

ECTS 2.0
Specification Enabling life long learning by organizing your knowledge and building personal learning networks
Level Intermediate
Content What is true for organizations is also true for individuals. In a rapidly changing world, it is indispensable to constantly develop oneself further. The buzzword here is lifelong learning. To this end, one can attend courses and further training. But do these provide exactly what you want to learn here and now? If you try your luck on the Internet, you are faced with an enormous flood of information.

Personal knowledge management is a method that enables individual learning, i.e. learning that is precisely tailored to one's own needs. The core is the creation of a personal learning environment with the help of various digital tools, content published on the Internet, and social networks. With their help, a personal learning network of experts, reference persons or other learners is formed. The necessary networking skills can be acquired in a Working Out Loud Circle.
Learning outcomes Building a personal learning environment
Start the personal learning environment by collecting and organising information and knowledge and by seeking experts (seek). Move and connect in a social network for the purpose of learning.

Evaluate and link information
Reflect on information found and integrate it into own knowledge (sense). Use a self-selected format of digital knowledge storage and reflection.

Share and reflect knowledge
Share insights with the learning network, accept and give feedback (share). Forming one's own digital identity. Recognize and confront difficulties of interactions in social networks and the phenomenon of filter bubbles.

Competent digital networking
Apply the principles of sustainable networking. Give attention, live generosity, show one's own work openly, accept feedback, demonstrate willingness to change.
Evaluation Mark
Modultype Portfolio Module
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