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Module description - Digital Portfolio
(Digitales Portfolio)

ECTS 3.0
Specification Making own work and competences visible
Level Basic
Content Digital portfolios offer learners space to document their personal learning journey on the basis of relevant artifacts, acquired competencies (knowledge, skills, attitude) and special interests and to reflect on and improve their own learning processes. The portfolio documents essential personal learning processes and makes them aware.

The digital portfolio is an instrument with which you can document and reflect on your student work and prepare yourself for the professional world. It is an individually compiled collection of work created during the course of study and the associated reflection. The aim of the digital portfolio is also an early and systematic preparation for professional life, in which job-relevant competencies are also addressed.

The digital portfolio is intended to show the development one's own competence, uncover possible gaps and promote self-regulated learning. This includes reflections on completed learning situations (challenges and projects), acquired knowledge and competences, and the relationship to one's own person. Feedback from navigate!, other students or peers or from the Personal Learning Network should complement the portfolio and expand it through external assessment.

A successful application is the ticket to a successful professional life. That's why you also need effective application documents that complement your digital portfolio. These are also developed in this competence and include: a reflection on your skills (skills audit), a reflection on possible jobs for which you could apply in the future, a personal profile, a video CV, and a CV with a letter of motivation.
Learning outcomes Building a digital portfolio

  • Reflection on your skills (skills audit),
  • Reflection on possible positions for which you could apply in the future
  • personal profile
  • Video CV
  • CV with letter of motivation
  • 2-3 Proofs of your work as a data scientist
  • Reflection on your work
  • Presentation and final presentation

Evaluation Mark
Modultype Portfolio Module
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