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Module description - Participative Events
(Partizipative Veranstaltungen durchführen)

ECTS 2.0
Level Intermediate
Content Learning from each other by sharing knowledge, working collaboratively, or creating something new together means making use of collective intelligence. In order for such processes to really succeed and to create a dynamic that leads to fruitful and innovative collaboration, an appropriate environment is needed. A large conference with exciting speakers but densely packed parallel rows of chairs neither promotes an exchange at eye level nor the generation of new ideas or products. To move away from this consumerism and tap into the collective knowledge of a group, participatory models are needed in which everyone has an equal voice and can contribute their knowledge. This also brings new responsibilities: participation of each and every one is needed for a successful event and the greatest possible exchange of experience and knowledge transfer.
Learning outcomes Evaluating event formats
Students are familiar with several collaborative and participative event formats and are able to compare them with each other in terms of benefits, effort, costs, target group

Attending events
Students actively participate in such event formats and reflect on the benefits, limitations and what they have learned.

Organizing events
Students organize, conduct, and follow up on at least one such format themselves.
Evaluation Mark
Modultype Portfolio Module
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