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Module description - Integrating Sustainable Product Management

ECTS 3.0
Level advanced
Overview A pressing topic in product management is sustainability. The product manager of the future has to answer the question: How can profitable products be developed and managed without harming humans and the environment? The goal of this module is to help the student answer this question by reflecting on what has been learned, integrating it into a holistic picture of product management and practicing his/her hard & soft skill development.

  • Reflecting in nature: Review of the personal learning journey
  • Systems-thinking exercises: how to manage complexity.
  • Company visit: How is sustainable product management done?
  • Case Study Day: A review of 3 short cases of best practice
Learning objectives The student will recall and review what has been learned in previous modules
They apply these learnings in reflection, exercises & case studies
They critically evaluate these learnings for solving real-world sustainability problems
The practice finding solutions for sustainable products.
Previous knowledge

  • Marketing Concepts
  • Product Innovation
  • Digital Marketing (dima)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
Additional information English language module
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