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Module description - Composite 1 - Manufacturing Technologies

ECTS 3.0
Level intermediate
Overview The students understand the dependency between component design and manufacturing possibilities of fiber-reinforced composites. They are able to evaluate suitable processing methods in terms of component quality, quanti-ty and costs and to derive their processing parameters.
Introduction of manufacturing processes for fiber-reinforced composite components and practical implementation of selected processes.
Preforming & Draping: Forming Mechanisms, Processes (TFP, AFP, ATL, Forming).
Processing of thermoset based composite parts with pre impregnated semi-finished products: basics, processes (fiber spraying, compression molding, pultrusion, autoclave), curing (basics, characterization, modeling).
Processing of FV thermoset based composite parts with dry semi-finished products: Basics of infusion – injection processes: processes (hand lamina-tion, MVI, RTM, winding, VARTM), flow in porous media (basics, characteri-zation, modeling).
Processing of thermoplastic based composites: fundamentals, production process, processing (thermoforming, autoclave, compression molding)
Learning objectives The students know the procedure of the individual processing methods and their advantages and disadvantages. They are able to assess and compare the applicability of the individual manufacturing processes for a specific component from a technical and economic point of view.
Previous knowledge Materials 3 (werk3)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade with final oral exam
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