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Module description - Composite II - Advanced

ECTS 3.0
Level intermediate
Overview The students understand the dependency between component design and manufacturing possibilities of fiber-reinforced composites. They are able to design complex parts by applying the fundamentals (design principals, CLT, failure criteria) supported by the finite element method, applying different concepts for the load introduction, performing detailed cost assessment and know the interaction between process and mechanical performance.
Load introduction for fibre reinforced composite parts.
Introduction of finite element methods to design composite structures (Ansys ACP).
Complex cost assessment (Inca).
Effect of process defects.
Learning objectives The students know the procedure to design complex fiber reinforced composite parts supported by simulation methods and cost assessment methods. They can design, manufacture and test a complex part. They are able to assess and compare the applicability of the individual manufacturing processes for a specific component from a technical and economic point of view.
Previous knowledge

  • Composite I - Design & Structural Mechanics (c1d)
  • Composite I - Manufacturing Technologies (c1m)
  • Materials 3 (werk3)
  • Verification & Validation with Lab (veva)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade with final oral exam
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