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Module description - Digital Communication
(Digital kommunizieren)

ECTS 2.0
Specification Communicating with digital content, interacting in digital space
Level Basic
Content Digital communication refers to the use of digital media for the exchange of knowledge and information, whereby the Internet itself as a digital medium is part and parcel of this exchange. Communicating digitally in a competent manner requires skillfully using appropriate digital formats or creating such formats for different target groups and delivering them via appropriate channels. Publishing and exchanging in digital space always leaves its mark on one's own digital identity, however. Publications and interactions on platforms and in social networks follow certain rules and dynamics that can strongly influence their quality. Therefore, these aspects always contribute to successful digital communication as well.
Learning outcomes Using, creating and publishing digital content
Digital content can be created and shared with others in various formats (online texts/blogs, video, audio, infographics, visualizations, etc.). A number of different publishing options on platforms and social networks are used.

Communicating and telling content in a way that is appropriate for the addressees
Students can identify their target group, create digital content for them in an appropriate, efficient and creative way and communicate it in an appropriate way. They can apply basic knowledge of storytelling such as storyboarding and script writing.

Finding and influencing traces
One's own digital traces left through publishing and interacting on internal and external platforms and in social networks, are found, evaluated and, if necessary, influenced. One's own professional and private digital identity will be developed.

Acting in social networks
The rules of different internal and external social networks can be explained and applied. Inappropriate behavior or arising dynamics such as panic or virality will be uncovered and addressed accordingly. Influences such as trolls, social bots or filter bubbles are recorded and assessed.
Evaluation Mark
Modultype Portfolio Module
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