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Module description - The Message in the Music

ECTS 2.0
Level B2 / C1
Overview The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 was awarded to Bob Dylan "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition."

    Bob Dylan's songs are rooted in the rich tradition of American folk music and are influenced by the poets of modernism and the beatnik movement. Early on, his lyrics incorporated social struggles and political protest. Love and religion are other important themes in his songs. His writing is often characterized by refined rhymes and it paints surprising, sometimes surreal imagery. Since his debut in 1962, he has repeatedly reinvented his songs and music. Bob Dylan has also written prose, including his memoirs 'Chronicles'.

    But not only Dylan has changed the course of music. Almost every song has a compelling story behind it, whether it be Dylan, The Beatles, Joan Baez, Joplin, Springsteen, Kristofferson, Nina Simone, Carole King, Simon & Garfunkel, Patti Smith, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley and even Rodriguez. This module opens a window onto the creative and literary process of some of the greatest songwriters. The goal of the module is to use the fundamentals of the lyric to improve students' English skills through listening, reading, discussion and vocabulary development.
Learning objectives Language aims:

    Upon successful completion of the module, participants will have:

  • used the fundamentals of the lyric to improve English proficiency through listening, reading, writing, discussion and vocabulary development
  • refined listening and reading comprehension skills by listening to and reading a range of genres
  • used critical thinking skills by synthesizing and discussing ideas from listening, reading, predicating content, drawing conclusions, and distinguishing between facts and belief, including attitudes and opinions which are not explicitly stated
  • developed communication skills and activated vocabulary through discussion, description, analysis and evaluation of various texts
  • given a clear, detailed presentation of their topic, developing particular points and rounding off with an appropriate conclusion.

Previous knowledge Successful completion of module ten2 or a suitable level achieved in the incoming placement test (CEFR C1/C2).
Exam format Continuous assessment grade, weighting 100 %
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