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Module description - Analog Circuits for Embedded Systems
(Analoge Schaltungstechnik für Embedded Systeme)

ECTS 3.0
Level advanced
Overview This module will prepare students for designing embedded systems with different sensor and actor interfaces. Many modern microcontrollers already contain some analog and mixed-signal blocks, but they are mostly of low quality and may be quite temperature dependent, so an intimate knowledge of non-idealities, noise, and electromagnetic compatibility is necessary.

  • noise, distortion, interference, and relevant measures (SNR, SDNR, PSRR, CMRR)
  • ADC/DAC non-idealities; ADC and DAC selection
  • clock quality and sampling
  • low-noise voltage inputs, programmable-gain amplifiers
  • microphone amplifiers
  • electrocardiogram amplifiers (differential-difference opamp)
  • capacitive sensor interfaces
  • current-mode circuits
  • sigma-delta modulation
  • pulse-width modulation for loudspeakers and actuators
  • high-speed data Interfaces, low-voltage differential signalling
Learning objectives

  • The students can apply the theory from the modules astGL and siv to practical problems encountered in embedded systems.
  • They are sufficiently proficient with linear analysis such that they can analyse complex analog and mixed-signal systems and can synthesize specified transfer functions with simple analog and mixed-signal blocks.
  • Particularly, they can apply linear system analysis to any analog circuit as well as to mixed-signal systems with ADCs and DACs.
  • They can apply noise analysis, noise propagation, and error analysis (sensitivity analysis) to such systems, and can evaluate the performance through calculation and interpretation of measurement and simulation results.
  • They learn how to deal with strongly non-linear feedback systems at the example of sigma-delta modulators, and consequently can use sigma-delta ADCs and DACs in embedded systems.

Previous knowledge
  • Signalverarbeitung (siv)
  • Analoge Schaltungstechnik - Grundlagen (astGL)
Exam format final oral exam
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