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Module description - Selfmanagement

ECTS 2.0
Specification Selfmanagement is the ability to take care of one's own professional and/or personal development independently and autonomously.
Level Basic
Content In one-to-one sessions, study-related or personal issues are discussed with a solution-oriented approach and transferred to your behavior through a repeated reflection process.

In group settings, various topics such as self-management and planning, self- /external image, motivation, and stress are worked out together.
Learning outcomes The students have the ability and competence to shape their professional development and their personal growth independently and largely independent of external circumstances and influences. In essence, it is about doing tasks better and being able to find the right way in solving challenges and problems through different methods.

Students can constructively deal with their own assessment (self-image) and the view of others (external image) and check whether their self-perception is correct. Through the feedback they receive, they determine how they appear to other people and can decide whether they want to strive for change.
Evaluation Testate
Modultype Portfolio Module
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