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Module description - International Business and Human Rights / Exploring the Links Between Business Operations and Human Rights
(International Business and Human Rights)

ECTS 2.0
Level basic
Overview The responsibility of businesses to respect human rights has been a topic of increasing importance in the international community. As globalization has accelerated around the world, it has become apparent that businesses can impact human rights in both positive and negative ways across their entire value and supply chain. Companies can generate income, growth, and prosperity and foster local social and economic development. They may also be at risk of contributing to, or being associated with significant adverse impacts, including serious human rights infringements and conflict. The course will explore the increasing role businesses are expected to play in respecting and protecting human rights and their responsibility to remediate victims of corporate human rights abuse.
Learning objectives The students

  • explain the link between business operations and human rights
  • discuss the concept of “Corporate Responsibility”- why corporations are responsible to respect human rights through their operations- and reflect on the key concepts of “adding value to society” and “preventing harm”
  • get to know the international frameworks and guidelines that are developed to regulate business activity related to human rights infringements (e.g., UN guiding principles on business and human rights)
  • recognize important human rights issues (e.g., forced labor, health and safety, discrimination, environmental degradation etc.) in various industries’ supply chains (e.g., extractive, construction, ICT etc.)
  • learn about the processes, checkpoints, and actions that companies should take to prevent human rights abuses from happening and identify opportunities that promote human rights and add value to society/ apply the knowledge into real business cases
  • improve English language skills- listening, speaking, reading, and writing,including specialized technical terms, through the study of International Business and Human Rights course

Previous knowledge The course language is English (level B1/B2). No 'special' English is required and help will be given with new vocabulary as needed.
Exam format Testat
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