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Module description - Effective Argumentation
(Wirkungsvoll Argumentieren)

ECTS 2.0
Level Basic
Content All results of the work as a data scientist must be put into words in German and English and presented either narratively or argumentatively. Depending on the medium and audience, different forms and register is used. Narratives and argumentation are characterised by comprehensibility of content and logic, as well as linguistic clarity. They are formulated in such a way that the addressees can understand them.
Learning outcomes Analyze addressees and choose medium
The students' communication is oriented towards the addressees. A situation analysis takes place beforehand, on the basis of which the medium and form of communication is chosen. The students show that they have mastered forms of addressee analysis, communication models and forms of presentation (oral and written, German/English).

Storytelling: Arguing and telling
The students' statements are comprehensible and descriptive as well as logically structured. The students make use of various narrative and argumentation patterns (rhetoric and logic). The questions (in conversations, meetings, workshops) are context-bound and comprehensible.
Evaluation Mark
Modultype Portfolio Module
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