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Module description - Actively Shaping your Career Path
(Laufbahn Aktiv Gestalten)

ECTS 2.0
Level advanced
Content The increasing complexity of the work environment, technological progress and changing economic and social conditions are leading to new career opportunities and require continuous adaptation to the changing working conditions. Many people are looking for a career that is in line with their personal values and interests and want to balance their work and private life. In this module we look at our personal strengths and abilities and match them with the needs of the current and future work environment. We will use approaches of positive psychology, career construction, life designing and design thinking. You will work alone as well as in groups. It would be benefitional to have the willingness to experiment and the ability to engage with others in the group setup.
Learning outcomes You acquire the competence to develop career plans based on your skills, interests, and values while at the same time meeting the needs of today's working and living environments. To do this, you will realistically assess your skills and strengths.

You develop strengths that help you to master new challenges and seize opportunities which present themselves to you. Active, self-effective and creative approaches to action support you in achieving your goals or adapting them flexibly if necessary.

You can share your own knowledge and personal experiences with others and can communicate clearly and understandably. You can respond to feedback and questions of others in a constructive way.
Evaluation Testate
Built on the following competences smg
Modultype Portfolio Module
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