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Enrolment and use

Enrolment is via the NEBIS enrolment form. The first time the user checks out media, personal details are verified based on official ID or the FH Card. After this, the FH Card is activated as a library pass or the NEBIS card is issued.

In addition to your library card, you can apply for a digital library card. Please choose “FHNW Bibliothek Olten” as your home library. You will then receive a confirmation via e-mail as soon as the card has been activated. For Iphone users the barcode will appear immediately (on your smartphone). Android users will need an app which is able to display Apple Wallets.

Library Olten provides specialist literature for the School of Business, Social Work and Applied Psychology.  The library system (PDF) provides an overview of subject areas.

Our collection is mainly geared towards members of FHNW as well as other interested individuals. For details of use and fees, see the Conditions of use (PDF).


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