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Media Library HGK Basel

The Media Library at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design (AAD) provides scientific literature and digital media in the fields of art, design, interior design/scenography as well the respective theoretical and teaching backgrounds.

Corona Special

The media library HGK FHNW opens on 01.09.2020 under specific protective conditions:

We kindly ask all users to comply with the above mentioned guidelines.
All service areas are thus available again, albeit partially reduced:

  • lending, interlibrary loan and research
  • pre-registered use of the workstations [inside registration]
  • detailed information on how to behave within the media library can be obtained on site

Changes in pickup times and further adjustments will be announced on the website:

Information about Mediathek HGK FHNW

    The Media Library has been home of the media collections of the institutes of Art, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Scenography, Visual Communication, Post-industrial Design (HyperWerk), Integrative Design | Masterstudio as well as of the research institutes Experimental Design and Media Cultures and Aesthetic Practice and Theory since 2015. Apart from the collections listed in NEBIS, it also includes a number of special collections. For this reason the Media Library provides an integrated catalogue, making a search through the FHNW AAD’s main catalogues and sources of information easy and quick. These include: the NEBIS catalogue, the licensed journals of swissuniversities and FHNW, the eBooks licensed by FHNW, the sources of the Directory of Open Access Books, of DeGruyter Open, of Springer Open, of the Directory of Open Access Journals, of DOAJ journals, the national licenses as well as a handpicked, slowly growing pool of excellent digital collections.

    In 2017, the media library won the Degruyter-Prize "Shaping the Future" (Zukunftsgestalter in Bibliotheken 2017).

    Activities Report 2019 (german).

    Activities Report 2018 (german).
    Activities Report 2017 (german).

    Specialized Portals

    Reliable sources usually indicate specialist portals and associations from their specific subject areas.

    Head of Mediathek

    Dr. Tabea Lurk
    Dr. Tabea Lurk Head of Mediathek
    Telephone : +41 61 228 43 65 (direct)

    Dreispitz Basel

    FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel
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