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Media Library HGK Basel

The Media Library at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design (AAD) provides scientific literature and digital media in the fields of art, design, interior design/scenography as well the respective theoretical and teaching backgrounds.

Corona Special

As of 18/01/2021, on-site library services will be discontinued. Borrowing is restricted: All media must be ordered in advance and picked up at the pickup under specific conditions. Returns via return box on the ground floor of tower block D.

Detailed information here.

Thank you for your understanding.

Information about Mediathek HGK FHNW

    Since 2015, the Mediathek has combined the media holdings of the Institutes of Art, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Scenography, Fashion, Visual Communication, Post-Industrial Design (Hyperwerk), Integrative Design | Master Studio as well as the research institutes Institute for Experimental Design and Media Cultures and Institute for Aesthetic Practice and Theory. In 2017, the Mediathek won the "Future Shapers in Libraries 2017" award (Zukunftsgestalter in Bibliotheken 2017) for its Integrated Catalogue (InK I) because, in addition to the holdings listed in NEBIS, it also connected open access sources and the HGK's special collections via a single search.

    With the system change to SLSP, the InK was also adapted. It is mobile first, follows the AMP principles and currently makes the digital special collections of the Mediathek accessible. Take a look for yourself.

    Annual Report 2020 (german).
    Annual Report 2019 (german).
    Activities Report 2018 (german).
    Activities Report 2017 (german).

    Specialized Portals

    Reliable sources usually indicate specialist portals and associations from their specific subject areas.

    Head of Mediathek

    Dr. Tabea Lurk
    Dr. Tabea Lurk Head of Mediathek
    Telephone : +41 61 228 43 65 (direct)

    Dreispitz Basel

    FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel
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