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Design and the Recycling-Based Economy

Transformation industrieller Produkte durch eine Kreislaufwirtschaft

Linear economic activity was our yesterday. Closed-loop economy is our tomorrow. Consumers are increasingly freeing themselves from merely possessing products and, instead, acquire access to a product or its performance for a certain period of time. This implies, however, that consumer goods have to be re-thought because consumers are assuming a new role in the entire product cycle.

The NOVUM office chair is a design for this new cycle. Here, the office chair is not sold as an object, but rather its use. The manufacturer retains ownership of the chair and its materials and, thus, guarantees their effective return to the recycling loop. This assumption of responsibility results in truly sustainable products. They are assembled in such a way that they can be sorted, disassembled, and recycled.

Julian Nydegger Masterstudio Design Institute Industrial Design, MA thesis, 2017