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Li & Lu

Violet, orange, green, pink, blue, turquoise, and yellow are the bright colours of Li and Lu. The toy consist of two parts: Lu, the console, and Li, the controller. Lu’s orange disk can rotate faster than the wind, or slower than a snail; it can change directions swiftly like an antelope and jerk and twitch like a beetle.

Li is the controller that affects the movements of Lu’s disk. One child has the ability to determine the direction, speed, and jerk effects; the other child can design the drawing. Lu and Li are designed to encourage children as to technology and communication. They help them understand the other person and the technical functions embedded in the game. The equal tasks of the two players create a fair and balanced situation. This cancels stereotypical role models. The toy addresses the still existing stereotypes of gender roles in children‘s toys – and offers an alternative. Li and Lu are designed for ages four to eight.

Eva Maria Böhlen Institute of Industrial Design, BA thesis, 2019