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Suspended Bodies That Will Never Fall

The couture collection Suspended Bodies That Will Never Fall is based on a state of uncertainty in which the future is caused by a static balance between opposite entities that are not yet aligned. In this moment, different entities such as human beings, clothes, and waste are becoming suspended bodies, in which any movement is captured.

If suspended bodies will never fall, this represents a new type of escapism. Here, Swiss textile heritage and African craftsmanship form a new unity; the propaganda to “make do and mend” is not based on war times, the Swiss military aesthetic is both exotic and dazzling.

Founded in 2017, the RAFAEL KOUTO brand has a unique sustainable approach to fashion design and products. The main core is the customization and upcycling of an individual, curated selection of old textiles and garments from Texaid for the realization of the couture and commercial collection, 100% remade in Switzerland. The potential of this sustainable design and local production is imbuing these discarded materials with the new value of a main resource. This cultural background and business model is based on Kouto‘s own cultural origins mixed with the practice of upcycling, which is very common in Africa. Its concept and hybrid aesthetic, located somewhere between Africa and the West, are its distinctive characteristics. It represents an alternative to the current production in fashion as a new luxury paradigm with the aim is to encourage recycling and upcycling in the production of fashion.

Rafael Kouto Institute of Fashion Design, BA in Fashion Design FHNW 2014