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Exchange Programme

Further development of one’s own artistic or creative practice always involves dealing with phenomena and challenges associated with our media-defined world, as well as addressing current social and political issues. For example, the residency promotes linking knowledge spaces and questioning different values.

It thus supports gaining insights beyond regional, disciplinary and gender-specific boundaries. It is about considering and analysing knowledge spaces through the arts or design as well as translating formats, contexts, spaces and times. This translation work inevitably involves incompatibilities, misunderstandings, interpretations and variations. These shape artistic and design processes in a decisive way and are an important factor for the promotion of art and design as well as the intersections between them. The exchange programme therefore sees itself as a platform that encourages the expansion and changing of existing aesthetic formats, forms of expression and practices.

scholars Basel-Berlin
Yiran Zhao (2019)
Dorian Sari (2019)
Cylixe (2020)
Mia Sanchez (2020)

scholars Marrakesch-Basel
Rim Mejdi (2020)

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