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hégenheim! D/F

The publication hégenheim! originates from the 2014 project “weg – das trinationale festival des spazierens» and discusses various concepts and modes of hiking to Hégenheim.

Contributions were made by the following artists and hiking experts: Sybille Völkin (CH), Alice Foxley (CH/GB): Nightwalk by Day; Judith Dobler (CH/D): Walking Drawings/Anmerkungen; Marguerite Bobey & N’Gouda Prince Ba (F): La forêt qui m’habite m’a gardée en elle comme une ombre; Helena Hernadéz Tapia (MX/CH/D): Lead me to the place; Matteo Hofer (CH): walkline #23,  EuroAirport – Hégenheim (German – French).

The printed versions of the six elaborately designed hiking guides to the FABRIKculture in Hégenheim can be purchased from the Institute of Art and Design Education for CHF 10 /EUR 8 (plus postage)

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