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Fine Arts

Art is a speculative practice that marries materials and ideas and examines understandings of information and knowledge along with individual modes of action and social interaction.

Artists create links between different worlds, redefining the language of media, materials and technologies in the process. In terms of topics and methods, they cover a wide scope, ranging from the economy to gender to the social body, from formal conception to experimentation.

The Institute of Art has a mission: we question and research art practices in their social contexts and imagine how they could be constituted in the future, thus coming up with and developing new approaches and methods. Our Institute is a place where practice defines the way we think, how we make decisions and the discussions as to what “doing and making” in art actually means. Our programme is centred on this approach.

We offer students a lively and stimulating environment in which to find time and space, decide on their own media and contents, and develop their own artistic voice. Coming from diverse backgrounds, our lecturers and international visiting scholars will guide you towards the important questions of art practice.

Our BA and MA programmes turn students into inquisitive, thoughtful and socially responsible human beings on their journey to becoming practising artists.

The name "Institute of Art" means many things. It stands for the complex history of how a place emerges in which artists are teachers. A place where practice defines the way we think, how we make decisions and the discussions as to what "doing and making" in art actually means. The name discloses in a very specific way what collective learning means.

Chus Martínez, Head, Institute of Art

Bachelor of Arts FHNW in Fine Arts

The bachelor’s degree in visual art promotes the development of an individual artistic attitude in studio work, in projects and exhibitions.

Bachelor of Arts FHNW in Fine Arts

Master of Arts FHNW in Fine Arts

The two-year master’s degree comprises the spheres of the individual, the dimension of the collective as well as mentoring.

Master of Arts FHNW in Fine Arts


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Network and partners

On a regular basis the Institute of Art conducts projects in collaboration with other art institutions and exhibition venues. The Institute also helps to organize residencies for students in partner institutions for the purpose of advancing their artistic practice.

Institute of Art

FHNW Academy of Art and Design Institute of Art, Building: A 1.10 Oslo-Strasse 3 4142 Münchenstein near Basel

Campus Dreispitz (Campus of the Arts)

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel
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