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Sedici Publishing House

Publishers of Things and Opportunities

The Sedici Publishing House distances itself from the traditional concept of publishing and thus from the conventional functions, hierarchies, processes and aims normally associated with publishing. For Sedici, publishing is an object of investigation, an experimental field, a method and an aim. It views a publication not as a product or storage vessel, but as a social and institutionalizing object: against the background of publication, temporary and principally egalitarian communities emerge and deal with the questions all publishers face – what do we publish? in what form? why? for whom? from which angle? – but here it’s done in a discursive mode. Publications – no matter whether in printed, digital, hybrid, oral or performative form – are understood as media for the purpose of keeping discourse alive and passing it on. 

Against the backdrop of publishing, the HyperWerk students concern themselves with and reflect on their own work. In group work they learn how to build networks with external actors, engage in critical research, learn to understand, to question and to negotiate their own position, perspectives and actions, to translate contents into different media and communicate with the outside world. Together with the students and other participants, Sedici creates antagonistic spheres of discourse and knowledge production, addressing in the process issues of methodology, archiving, development, translation and communication. It questions the validity of reigning cultures, narratives and concepts, and advances an understanding of publishing that dissociates itself from random publication and the idea of a society as an undisputed social totality, fostering instead publication as an informed, performative act to create a public.

Publishing as part of the annual theme

In connection with the 2016/2017 annual theme “Into the Why”, the degree course Sedici founded the self-governing publishing house Sedici together with the lecturers Jan Knopp and Olivier Rossel. The students take the stage as researchers and agents, they publish in their own name and are thus involved in negotiating their own themes and communicating them externally, for example, in the context of the I Never Read Art Book Fair in Basel in 2016 and 2017 or the Vienna Designweek in October 2016.

Head of project
Jan Knopp

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