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Taste traffic - Out now

Food performance “Taste Traffic Restaurant”

It is accomplished! Our new publication Taste Traffic is on the market. A short but exquisite book on an unusual food performance at OpenHouse day in January 2016 at the FHNW Academy. Order your copy from Sedici Publishing House, Amazon or Blurb, or simply download it here.

Excerpt: “Speaking of Taste Traffic leaves much open to speculation. The Taste Traffic Restaurant is an experiment in taste and perception, the result of a workshop organized by HyperWerk of FHNW Academy in collaboration with Guerilla Kitchen.

We created a food performance concept that focuses on the mechanical process, sensation, taste and feeling, from the moment food enters the mouth to the instance of swallowing.

After a week of development we tested the concept on visitors to the OpenHouse day at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel.”

Download the publication TasteTraffic in PDF format or view via Issuu.

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