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Virtual Valley

The Basel Society of Design Drafting

Design, which not only keeps on changing but is also constantly gaining in social significance, needs creating, in other words, design requires drafting. Under new conditions drafting may serve as a catalyst, and allows test runs to be generated with the help of improvised spaces of possibilities. By nature drafting is provisional and process related. It stimulates, disperses, liberates and subverts. Drafting is not determinative, on the contrary, it sets things in motion. It triggers stimuli to be absorbed and further developed, allowing one to understand work as an inventive act, as a model for our postindustrial age.

Design drafting makes use of superimposition and transparency, of paint particles on paper, projections and reflectors, cords and slats, tension and knots, rods, masts, carpets, nets, wings, runners, wheels, wires, poles and telescopes, hooks and loops, gauzes and wraps, strips and screens, sails and anchors. And, of course, the extensive domain of virtual reality.
The Basel Society of Design Drafting seeks to meld the art university with the creative industry, education and research with the dynamics of entrepreneurship and business. Its location is the Dreispitz complex in immediate vicinity of the Academy of Art and Design and a growing number of potential future partners. The Dreispitz complex is home to more than 380 businesses and a workforce of more than 4,000 people, an ideal setting for the new Virtual Valley.

Project heads
Claus Pfisterer und Mischa Schaub

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