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Team HyperWerk

HyperWerk questions the traditional distinction between lecturers and students. All too often, this distinction goes hand in hand with the definition and institutionalization of "knowledgeable" and "ignorant", thus making it more difficult to challenge existing conditions. Consequently, the management of HyperWerk is not in the hands of a single individual but of a comprehensive team, the management team.

Teachers can only bring their experiences to bear if they acknowledge them as the result of their own intellectual formation. Their task is not to offer “better”, but simply other, that is, their own experiences. 

Prof. Catherine Walthard

to Prof. Catherine Walthard

Rasso Auberger

to Rasso Auberger

Prof. Max Spielmann

to Prof. Max Spielmann

Prof. Matthias Böttger

to Prof. Matthias Böttger

Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer

to Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer

Benedict Dackweiler

to Benedict Dackweiler
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