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Curating the Campus

Curating the Campus is an experimental exhibition platform for contemporary art practices and the key interface between the FHNW Academy of Art and Design and an art-aware general public.

The traditional role of an art university is to offer and develop a range of studies for young artists in preparation for a career in one of the fields of the art industry. With Curating the Campus, the university breaks into this traditional division of roles and becomes an active shaper of contemporary art: it places contemporary art at the centre of social and political discourses, stimulates the public debate on research-guided artistic strategies and underpins its position as an institution with an important say in the current discourse. For the FHNW AAD the exhibition platform serves as a medium to publicly showcase and communicate which artistic values and positions it believes to be relevant for society.

The platform offers space at the Campus of the Arts for exhibitions, conferences, lectures, film presentations, artist talks, actions and performances, focussing on semester works, shows in connection with research projects, and degree exhibitions. At the same time the platform provides space for young, international and ambitious outside artists to showcase their work at the Campus.  The aim is to integrate artists from different cultural backgrounds and provenances into university life. Symposia and publications complement the exhibition activity. Curating the Campus is supervised by Prof. Chus Martínez, Head of the Institute of Art.

For information on the exhibition space THE TANK and its current programme, click here.

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