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Academy of Music

Together, the teaching and research activities of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and the Basel School of Music cover a wide and varied range of fields that include Early Music, Classical Music, Contemporary Music, Electronic Music and Jazz.

The internationally renowned FHNW Academy of Music (which comprises the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and the Basel School of Music) are an integral part of the educational landscape of Northwestern Switzerland. Both institutes are based in the Musik-Akademie Basel campus. Since summer 2004, the Jazz Faculty has its own designated Jazzcampus, located in Kleinbasel, on the left bank of the Rhine.

Artistic practice and theory
The FHNW Academy of Music provides its 600 or students with the artistic, teaching and theoretical skills they will need to forge a career in their chosen field of music. Students also benefit from the support, encouragement and expertise of the 200-strong teaching staff who also have extensive international performance experience.

Cooperation with leading cultural partners
With performances in more than 100 concerts every year in and around the city of Basel, students at the FHNW Academy of Music help enrich the cultural life of Northwestern Switzerland. The FHNW Academy of Music works closely with leading event organisers and partners, which include the leading cultural platforms, theatres and orchestras of the city of Basel.

Musik-Akademie Basel

Concerts and events organised by the School of Music and the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, in cooperation with the Musik-Akademie Basel.

Events calendar

Musik betrifft Sie und uns alle. Sie ist selbstverständlicher und unverzichtbarer Bestandteil unseres Lebens. In einem Musikstudium lernen und lehren wir, das kulturelle Erbe der Musik nicht nur sorgsam zu erhalten, sondern es weiter zu geben, darüber nachzudenken und vor allem: Musik immer wieder neu zu erfinden. Gute Musik inspiriert und stabilisiert unsere Kultur und unsere Gesellschaft. Stephan Schmidt, Direktor Musikhochschulen FHNW

Stephan Schmidt, Director Academy of Music


The FHNW Academy of Music offers two Bachelor and four Master’s programmes, each of which comes with an extensive choice of major subjects. At the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, students focus on historical performance practice from the 9th to the 19th century. Thanks to a wide range of both major and minor subjects, students at the Basel School of Music are able to design their studies around their personal interests and passions, acquiring the skills and knowledge to make an informed contribution to the world of music. All study programmes place great importance on the acquisition of solid theoretical foundations and (self-)reflective abilities, and are geared towards producing professional musicians of the highest calibre. The unique Vera Oeri Library, in the heart of the campus, provides students with an inspiring atmosphere as well as access to the largest collection of music in Switzerland.

Studying at the School of Music

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Studying at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

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Jazz Studies

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Research at the FHNW Academy of Music focuses on the many different processes of artistic action and the philological-historical foundations of music (creating music, performance research, mediation and sources). The potential of the research activities of the FHNW Academy of Music lies in the close interaction between musical production, reflection and reception.

Music Pedagogy Research

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New and Contemporary Music

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Historical Performance Practice

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Further education

The courses are aimed at qualified musicians and music teachers. They cover both artistic and pedagogical certificate programmes, courses and conferences.

Music Performance

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Music Pedagogy

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Music and New Media

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Information days

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Course Booklet

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Musikhochschulen FHNW

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