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Digital Supply Chain

The Center for Supply Chain is Northwestern Switzerland’s principle home for the digital transformation of Supply Chain, distribution, and logistics.

Whether it's personalised medicine, omnichannel retailing or industry 4.0 in precision manufacturing - digitally connected value creation spanning the entire lifecycle is the new basis of success for the core industries of Northwestern Switzerland.

The Centre for Supply Chain was founded on initiative of local industry. Together, we build up the new digital competencies in supply chain and logistics, and implement innovations.

Main research areas

• Digital Supply Chain and omnichannel retailing
• Digital logistics, interoperability and networks
• Digital Supply Chain compliance and digitally enabled foreign trade
• Applications of analytics, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence
• Digitally supported supply chain sustainability and circular economy
• Digital innovation, co-creation and new business models


• Context-dependent selection and implementation of supplier relationship management tools in international sourcing
Innosuisse funded


Prof. Dr. Joachim Ehrenthal
Prof. Dr. Joachim Ehrenthal Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems
Telephone +41 56 202 87 54 (direct)
Dr. John Paul Manning
Dr. John Paul Manning Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems
Telephone 061 279 18 27 (direct)
Dr. Dominik Wörner
Dr. Dominik Wörner Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems
Telephone +41 61 279 17 53 (direct)

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