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Gadget Demos and Innovation Workshops

Gadget Demos

One of the ways we stay on top of technology and innovation trends is through hands-on experience. We test and research new technologies and see how they can be of interest to businesses. We then happily share our experiences with various audiences or we create those experiences together with various audiences—our own students of all levels (BSc, MSc, CAS etc.), lecturers as well as our colleagues and partners beyond FHNW.

Gadget Workshops

Often companies do not see the potential of new technologies until they can be tested and brought into the context of the company’s business area. Therefore, we offer company workshops that include an interactive technology demo session followed by a deep-dive into opportunities for the company on their way to becoming more digital/innovative. We work with different creative and ideation methods in order to spark ideas and generate prototypes and concepts.

Lego® Serious Play® Workshops

The Lego ® Serious Play ® (LSP) method is a designed facilitation and workshop method for real cases where participants build LEGO models in order to answer questions stated by the facilitator. The LSP method was first put into practice in the late 90s within the Lego company, and the process was initiated in 2001 with a training programme. LSP deals with visual thinking, and is a communication and problem-solving method for teams and individuals. The LSP workshop methodology includes building metaphorical representations and storytelling exercises to foster communication, team-building, and problem-solving skills for organisations and individuals. The aim of this process is to ensure engagement amongst all participants and guide them in visualising their thought by using LEGO bricks and share and reflect on the results. 

Partners: PostAuto, FHNW, CollaboratioHelvetica 

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