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Data products

In our research projects at the FHNW Institute of Data Science, we are generating a variety of data products.

Some of them are freely available. This concerns data archives, data sets for machine learning and tools that support the access to data as well as their investigation and analysis: user interfaces, image processing and machine learning algorithms or data visualization software.

Open data products are created in the context of publicly funded research in solar physics, for example. Projects in the fields of speech recognition or word processing also generate scientific data products that are freely available to all and can be used for further investigations.

The only exception concerns products that are subject to data protection regulations or non-disclosure agreements with customers.

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Freely available data products


Prof. Dr. André Csillaghy
Prof. Dr. André Csillaghy

Head of FHNW Institute for Data Science

Telephone +41 56 202 76 85 (direct)