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Design and Technology

Reinventing the User Interface

The research group Design and Technology is focussing on the development of new solutions at the interface between human and computer:

  • UX Design and Development
  • Interface / Interaction Design
  • Information visualization
  • VR, AR and Mixed Reality
  • Human Computer Interaction HCI


Research focus

Design Methods are becoming an increasingly important aspect to the field of computer science. The threshold between Design and Technology raises many new research questions:

  • How do we shape the transition from a physical to a virtual world?
  • Which interface solutions restructure this space?
  • How do we visualize information to gain new insights?
  • How do people and computers interact and how can new applications support our daily lives?

We investigate these questions with an interdisciplinary focus on applied research and development, as well as in teaching in the iCompetence curriculum of the computer science program.

In close cooperation with industry partners and renowned research institutions, we are developing an outlook within our core areas

  • Reinventing the User Interface
  • UX and Interface Aesthetics
  • Information Visualization for Digital Humanities

Our Media Lab offers VR hardware, AR-glasses, large-format displays as well as different projection and tracking facilites. In our Usability Lab we have the possibility to carry out software testing with Eye Tracking technology.


Selected projects


Prof. Dr. Doris Agotai Head of Institute for Interactive Technologies FHNW, Head of Research Group Design and Technology
Telephone : +41 56 202 76 73 (direct)
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