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2020 Windisch Seminar on Microelectronics (postponed to autumn 2020)

This seminar will no be held on March 26. It is postponed to autumn 2020; a new date will be published in April.

The main topic of the first of (hopefully) many Windisch Seminar on Microelectronics is a challenge issued by FHNW to Matlab: show us whether Simulink tools really produce hardware implementations as easily as they should, at the example of a configurable CIC filter as they are used in delta-sigma A/D converters. Two more talks about the interaction of digital filters with the operation of delta-sigma converters and a networking apéro make for a very interesting day.


Introduction to the Delta-Sigma Signal Chain and Hogenauer Filters

Hanspeter Schmid, FHNW

The Programmable Filter Design Challange: Extreme Decimation Ratios up to 218

Stephan van Beek, Mathworks R&D

Coffee Break

Trends in ADCs: Best practices of successive approximation, incremental delta-sigma modulation, and other ADC techniques

Maurits Ortmans, University of Ulm

Extremely efficient Halfband Interpolation Filter in VHDL for Delta-Sigma D/A converters

Kevin Niffenegger, FHNW

Close of official event

Apéro riche, networking

Participation is free.

This event is co-sponsored by IEEE Switzerland

FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW Bahnhofstrasse 6 5210 Windisch
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