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Fast Data

The integration of the physical with the virtual world generates an enormous volume of data. We derive knowledge from these data streams as quickly as possible.

Integrating the physical world vastly increases the quantity of digitally available and usable raw data. This raw data usually vanishes into data silos and databases. The concept of “big data” covers technologies that attempt to generate useful information from stored data through connection, aggregation, consideration of context, etc.

With “fast data”, the desire is to immediately extract these huge volumes of data and transmit them to the correct contact person, to enable them to make fast decisions. As a result, industrial processes, transactions, sales strategies, advertising, patient monitoring and much more can be directly controlled and influenced. Decisions taken later could have unmanageable consequences. Thus, fast data can give production plants and companies a decisive competitive advantage.

Contact: Dominik Gruntz, +41 56 202 78 08, ZG9taW5pay5ncnVudHpAZmhudy5jaA==