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Modern processing, replication and surface technology as well as extensive analytics are key factors for both applied research and services.

Technical production equipment for structuring polymers

  • Variotherm injection compression moulding on both sides of structured samples
  • Injection-moulding prototype tools for functional surface structures
  • Thermal roller stamping system for sheets up to 15 cm wide
  • Micro-thermoforming system μ-therm 100

Surface functionalization

  • Coating and curing by means of UV and ebeam irradiation
  • Surface activation methods
  • Chemical modification of surfaces and interfaces including polymer synthesis and mixing/degassing systems

Surface analytics

  • Keyence laser scanning confocal microscope
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • Static and dynamic contact angle measurements
  • ATR-IR spectroscopy

Selected infrastructure options