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Thermal machines and energy systems

Combustion techniques, measurement technology and simulations (process calculation). The main focus is on turbomachinery and internal combustion engines.

We have broad expertise in the area of turbomachinery based on experience gained on diverse projects and researchers’ own professional background. This is supplemented by experimental experience, building prototypes, as well as measurement techniques and data acquisition. A number of commercial and internal tools are used to apply this expertise.

The engine test benches available offer excellent instrumentation, making them highly suitable for testing and comparing a wide range of different sensors (pressure, temperature, heat flow etc.) as well as for the further development of specific applications.

We also offer outstanding training opportunities in the area of thermodynamic processes and aspects of measurement technology.

Using simulation tools it is possible to model combustion engines and study specific combustion techniques by means of process calculations. This is done by carrying out assessments of typical characteristics (e.g. thermal release, efficiency etc.).

We also have experience in the development, construction and operation of new optically accessible prototypes in the area of combustion research. Furthermore, support is offered for carrying out measurements at specific experimental test benches for combustion technology.